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David was born in Maitland, Australia in 1961. From an early age, he desired to be an artist. This pursuit led him to develop skills & work in a diversity of areas including sign writing, commercial art, illustration, set designing & bronze casting. Yet foremost has been his passion for painting.

David completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in Painting & Sculpture in 1992, and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) majoring in Painting in 1995. David has taught in Tertiary Art Education & Creative Art Conferences in Australia & Singapore, inspiring & encouraging others to pursue their own talents & passions.

David's empathy and concern for people's physical, mental, and emotional well-being lead him to complete a Masters of Mental Health in Art Therapy in the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland. As part of his Masters, David practised at the Mater Private Hospital acute Oncology and Haematology (cancer)ward. There he engaged art therapy to help patients express themselves authentically and artistically, to resolve issues, reduce stress and feelings of hopelessness, increase self-esteem and confidence and develop healthy coping skills.

David’s work is driven by the desire to portray a story for your heart of hope and engagement in relation to one's life's journey through the use of metaphors and themes. His work has recurring symbols including trumpets, harps, flowers, birds and the wonder of the Australian landscape. David's work is poetic and full of vibrant explosive colour, with thick, often drippy, passages of paint. David's paintings are accompanied by his own personal reflective stories as a means to connect and engage his audience.

David’s work is held by the collections of the University of Southern Queensland, The Southbank Corporation, The Sydney Medical Centre, Brisbane Mater Hospitals, The Singapore Welfare Corporation and many private and corporate collections throughout Australian and overeas.

‘Stand in front of colour so alive that it soothes the eyes in such a way that takes away the pain of bland existence. What if truth, what if beauty, what if poetry were possible to be contained in a story - in a canvas. Brush strokes guided by the deepest desire for passion that transcends all that is physically possible. Paint like liquid flows across the surface of the plain that is canvas. Never has so rich a colour yielded such fragrance’. (Steve Austin, ABC Radio)