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John Hart – Composition 238

John Hart – Composition 238


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To create these images John has invented a technique that is both controlled and random at the same moment. He takes pieces of paper, cardboard and metal foil, twisting and crushing them into random shapes, which are then photographed and the resulting images processed on a computer to imbue them with colour and texture. These images then become the studies on which the paintings are based, the brushwork carefully applied to mimic the surfaces and textures of the original forms.

In using the manipulated photograph as the ‘sketch’ on which the paintings are based, John Hart is using a tried and true technique in capturing an image, albeit with a modern twist.  These works are wholly products of the artist’s imagination, jumping off from a known base into a new and wondrous place. Rather than the viewer musing that ‘I know that place’ or ‘let’s go there on our next holiday’, we are invited to imagine a dazzling dreamscape, still recognisable as a view of the land, a landscape in its fundamentals, but not one defined by experience, sentiment, nostalgia or longing.

Image Size:  90 x 90cm

Finish:  The artwork is framed in a minimalistic 1cm wide frame which is integral to the artwork


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