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Marie Hart – Black Mary’s Revenge

Marie Hart – Black Mary’s Revenge


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Michael Howe calling himself “The Governor of the Ranges” was the captain of a gang of bloodthirsty wretches. One day they attacked an Aboriginal tribe and carried away many of the young girls. A beautiful girl, that was to become known in history as “Black Mary”, became Howe’s lover, and although the other girls eventually escaped into the bush, she stayed with him, and soon became indispensable to him. She was his faithful and devoted companion, servant, mistress, and also his trustworthy confident, ally and scout. However, soon she was to experience his cruel and despotic behaviour!

The soldiers of the 46th regiment were out, combing the countryside in their search for the “bolters”. Suddenly they appeared everywhere, and Howe ran for his life. Black Mary, now pregnant to him, tried to protect Howe by staying between him and the soldiers. On the spur of the moment Howe decided to kill her, knowing that if she were caught, she would be used as a lead to catch him. He fired at her, then disappeared into the bush. After a long and fruitless search, the soldiers gave up.

In the meantime Black Mary, who had been badly wounded, was found by her people who nursed her back to health. One day she appeared in the soldiers’ camp, offering her services – she would track Howe down for them. The officers agreed and accepted Black Mary’s offer. She led the search party through the bush with certainty and skill, and finally found Howe. Her great love turned to hatred and she refused the money they offered.  After trying to kill her and her unborn child… can’t say I blame her!


Gary J Dean, F.A.I.H.A.


Image Size:  102 x 75cm

Medium:  Oil on Canvas

Beautifully finished in a gold frame


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