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Pro Hart Etchings – Waltzing Matilda (Set of 7)

Pro Hart Etchings – Waltzing Matilda (Set of 7)


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An etching begins with a metal plate (usually copper) that has been coated with a waxy substance called a “ground”.  Pro Hart would then create his composition by drawing through the ground to expose the metal.  The plate is then immersed int he acid bath, which “bites” or chemically dissolves the exposed lines.  For printing, the ground is removed, ink is introduced int he the incised lines, and the plate is wiped clean.  The plate is covered with a dampened paper and run through a press under great pressure in order to force the paper into the lines, resulting in the raised characteristic of etching.  To create the colour each etching is then hand painted.

This Waltzing Matilda series has completely sold out but this very collectable set of 7 has become available on the secondary market.  The edition is of 100 and are all personally signed by Pro Hart.

Image Dimensions – 12 x 14.5cm

Framed Dimensions  – 38 x 38cm

This gold  framed set is a resale and will come directly from the current owner so please check the frames carefully so you are aware of any marks or damages (if any).


For more information please make an inquiry or phone 0411 154 334


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