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Pro Hart – The Big Race

Pro Hart – The Big Race


St. Patrick’s Day Races is held in the Australian Outback, Pro’s hometown of Broken Hill. Whole communities from far and wide gather together for the event of the year. Here in “The Big Race”, with a few succinct brushstrokes, Pro masterly depicts the excitement of outback racing, bringing to life the triumph and tragedy of the theatre of the race meeting and the accompanying challenges of racing on a rural dirt track.  Awash with figures, horses, dogs, drink tents and grandstands full of people, his keen observation of life in and around his city of Broken Hill renders a pictorial narrative full of colour and warmth with a charming sense of laconic humour.

As this Pro Hart original artwork is a resale, we ask that you please check the image of the frame carefully to make sure you are satisfied with its condition. 

The painting is Microchipped (81215) and has Pro Hart’s DNA applied.

Image Size:   50 x 75cm

Medium:   Oils on Hardboard


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*David Hart Galleries guarantees that this Pro Hart painting is an authentic original Pro Hart and is priced at the current retail value for Pro Hart artworks.  If you proceed with the purchase of this artwork, once it has been delivered you and for any reason you decide you don’t want to keep it, you have 48 hours to let us know if you would like to return it for a full refund (the return will be at the expense of the purchaser and to be returned in the same condition as delivered and sent by the same courier as it was originally sent with). Please be aware that the artwork will be sent directly from the seller.